trombones at work


Lawrence Low Brass members who played the 
National Anthem at an NCAA game.
Timber Rattlers Stadium, May 2012



Trombone Quartet- in the LUChapel, 7 April 2012
Chris Misch, Matt Lowe, Shauna McFaul, Emily Hanley

Chris Misch and Matt Lowe

Prof Nick Keelan and Emily Hanley

The Chapel 
This is our main performance space for all large ensembles, many guest artists and recitals. Our full 104 piece orchestra even fits on stage (a little snug, but that just helps build community- eh?). 

More to follow. 

Pictures from the year...

Pictures from before the concert. Left: Shauna M, Tristan B, Emily H (L-R). Right: Shauna M, Elena G, Emily H. (L-R)

Term 2 LUJE Concert
 Gil Evans Centennial Tribute
 Ryan Truesdell conducting.
Thaxted, trombone octet
Emily Hanley Senior Recital
Lawrence Memorial Chapel

 We've had a busy term and are busy wrapping up the year here at LU. At some point, I hope to get more Bjorklunden pictures up here. We had a blast!!



Active again!

Okay! Let's get the studio blog up and running!!! I finally got the information to log into it, so I'm starting now.

The Studio Calendar will be started this week.

What's going on in the trombone studio? 

Certain studio members have recitals coming up:

Jacob Horn: Wednesday, February 15th, 8pm. Harper Hall

Chris Misch: Sunday, April 1st, 8pm. Harper Hall

Elena Grijalva: Friday, April 6th, 8pm. Harper Hall

Emily Hanley: Saturday, April 7th, 1pm. Lawrence Memorial Chapel

Other Studio Events??

Bjorklunden!!! April 27th-29th

We will be playing a lot of Trombone/Low Brass Ensemble music. Should be fun!

There's probably more going on, but that's what I've got for now! More to come...



Nick's Recital

Those who attended Nick's recital are invited to share their observations here.  Extra points for embedding within limerick and/or haiku form.